Web Hosting and Maintenance

ipad-hosting-400We offer a web hosting and full maintenance option for our clients. Web hosting is provisioned on our own dedicated servers which are housed in a secure commercial data centre having state of the art security and equipment with multiple levels of redundancy for both power and connectivity. The data centre operates a fully manned 24 hour support programme where in the event of a problem, resolutions are started often before an issue is noticed.

Our web hosting packages include full backups with the timings and regularity chosen to meet your particular needs. A full statistics package to help you analyse and understand how your site is being viewed.

We offer a range of maintenance packages depending on your requirements, these are tailored to your needs and can range from simple support for when you want to make updates to your site, through to us carrying out updates on your behalf, even commissioning the writing of web copy should you not wish to generate content in house.

With many clients our support package includes additional marketing services by building contact databases and regularly mailing subscribers with updates and newsletters. We manage many email marketing campaigns which help keep our clients in touch with theirs.

Finally, we work with dedicated search engine optimisation (SEO) companies to help promote and maintain your sites position in the major search engines. We have a long experience of both carrying our these services ourselves and working with some of the industry's best. Our approach now is to work in partnership with dedicated SEO specialists to ensure that the latest techniques are available to you to improve your position.