Business Analysis and Specification Writing

ipad-programming-400With over 15 years of experience we have seen many examples of ideas which have failed owing to the initial concepts not being communicated effectively to the programmers tasked with the implementation. Established best practise directs that programming teams should be guided by a detailed functional specification which covers every aspect of the requirement from the user interface through the work flows to the data modelling.

We believe that one of our key advantages is our ability to write specifications which leave no ambiguity for the programmer, this means that development costs are reduced and timescales met as what you envisaged is delivered as expected. This has been a cornerstone of our and our customers success. We are able to undertake the writing of functional specifications for projects which other developers ultimately create, should that be your preferred implementation plan.

Often it is not just the time and cost savings which justify the writing of a detailed specification, on many occasions it highlights weaknesses in the initial business model which can be corrected and revised before development starts. We cannot emphasise the importance of a detailed specification in the development of any major project and are able to assist you in creating one if it does not already exist.