Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

ipad-seo-400The requirement for effective SEO has never been greater and the complexity of continually managing, updating and staying ahead of the competition has become an increasing challenge. It is now commonly held that the effort required for effective SEO requires about 30% effort in online content, site structure and build (this is known as "on-page") and 70% in external promotion (known as "off-page").

Over the past few years an entire industry has grown out of the requirement for SEO with many providers making completely unwarranted claims. What is clear is that within the industry are a number of highly rated companies who have invested carefully, taken a planned and sustainable approach and are now reaping the benefits in terms of satisfied customers who are seeing significant gains in their own positioning. Understanding that our strengths lie within the build and technology of making websites "work" and do things, we have partnered with a specialist SEO provider who have successfully promoted our clients to first page positions in the major search engines. If you have a requirement for SEO, we are happy to make the necessary introductions, or we are able to work with your own preferred supplier.

The SEO process needs to be thought of from the outset and should start with a detailed understanding of:

  • What you are promoting
  • Who you are targeting
  • The search landscape (what are the prominent terms currently in use, what are your competitors doing)
  • What is the balance between paid for terms and generic search results

From the outset a target list of search phrases needs to be established and these should be reflected into the content of the site. The key question you should be asking is "If one of my current customers wanted to find me online, but didn't know my website or company name, what would they search for?" We are able to provide useful advice from our experience in this area and will help guide you through the best path so that your final online presence benefits from strong SEO.