App and Mobile Development

ipad-mobile-dev-400In the current age, you can expect that around half of the visitors to your website will be via an online device, either a mobile phone or a tablet. This recent and rapid change in access has led to many organisations being caught out through a website which is often unusable when viewed through a mobile device. Not only does this cause frustration with visitors and potential customers, but also impacts the effectiveness of your online presence by limiting its appeal.

We have extensive experience of the mobile world and as such develop sites with an awareness for mobile access. We are also able to undertake the development of mobile apps and apps which revert back to the main server for online processing. Our knowledge and experience of taking a business process and enabling it online gives us a significant edge in understanding the most effective way to provide the widest possible access, so expanding the reach and effectiveness of your organisation.

With the mobile world advancing so rapidly, it is important to ensure that the platforms on which you build your online presence is ready to adapt to future trends and requirements. We maintain a constant watch on both development and deployment technologies to ensure we are fully up to date with the latest tools to enable us to provide you with the most effective solution.