Our company was founded in early 1997 under the name of Officepark Ltd, when most companies had no website or email address. Search engines hardly existed and the concept of interaction and engagement was something yet to evolve. Our original philosophy was to develop an online presence for small to medium sized businesses and get them noticed. Our own site acted as a portal to these businesses and worked like a physical office park, but in a virtual world. As you entered the site you were directed to businesses according to their classification as if driving round a large business park which segregated its clients according to their market sector.

As search engines were developed and the number of websites grew, our clients wanted to build their own online identities and to get prominent positions of their own. We therefore evolved and the original concept of a virtual office park was overtaken by a drive to find better ways for our clients to engage and interact with their customers.

With a strong technical background, our team of developers took an active interest in providing features and facilities which had not been tried before. We were one of the first web development companies to interface a database with a website which allowed a car dealer to list vehicles from the moment they were available rather than waiting for the web design company to add the necessary page. We provided an international freight forwarding company with an online interface to allow their customers to track shipments through their website, a facility which we take for granted today as all couriers and freight companies offer it.

Our sites continue to develop and our experience and knowledge has grown. We see the concept of businesses online as a far wider reach than simply selling items in an online shop. That is why we describe our business as helping others to engage more fully with their customers by putting their business processes online. Often the justification and return on investment is gained, not from additional sales, but by client retention and improved customer experience. By being online, the reach and availability of your company and services is greatly extended. Hence, why at the end of 2012 we ren0amed Officepark as WebAppz Ltd which we felt better reflected the business we were in and described more of what we do.

We have been approached many times by enthusiastic individuals with ideas for creating and developing an online business. Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to guide these people towards winning plans whilst avoiding many of the risks which they might otherwise have suffered. In some instances, we have spotted issues which have ultimately meant a rethink of the business idea and no development has ever taken place, at least in these instances, we have enhanced our credibility and reputation by warning of potential problems before major investment is made.

If you have an idea and would like to discuss it, in confidence and gain an insight into how it might develop, we are happy to discuss it with you and will be please to agree a non disclosure agreement with you prior to any discussions if that is appropriate.